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Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020 is here!

Support for the new Flight Simulator 2020 is finally here and we're pleased to present the first version of the plugin/addon required to connect to it. This initial version is compatible with both the AirTrack and AirEFB apps. AirFMC is not currently supported as there is no known way to interact with the MCDUs yet, but may be in the future.

If you can't wait to get hold of it, the latest version of the plugin is available for download from:

Version History

2021/01/12 - v1.0.1 - Small rebuild with updated SDK
2020/09/18 - v1.0 - First official version, adds MCP and CPFlight support
2020/09/11 - v0.9 - First official beta version of the FS2020 plugin

Supported Features


- Attitude Indicator / PFD
- Compass
- Speed / Altitude / VSpeed / Status
- Remote Control (joystick)
- Navigation Display with flight following
- COMS interface
- MCP interface
- Waypoints database
- Charts Viewer
- FMC in local mode (the same flight plan needs to be created locally in addition to and similar to the one using in FS2020)
- CPFlight MCP737EL and MCP737PRO integration


- Taxi map flight foloowing
- The provided taxi airports database is based on X-Plane's and may not always match the airports of FS2020
- Checklists in .clist format can be imported using file sharing or created locally
- PDF Documents can be imported using file sharing
- Charts are available, both via cloud service and locally copied using file sharing


FS2020 is a relatively new product and at the time of writting its SDK is still unfinished and undocumented. This plugin / interface has been written using what's currently available and as such not all things are or may be supported with all planes and it does not yet reach the same level of compatibility as its sibling for X-Plane. Namely, the following are known to to work yet:

1) Auto-Pilot / MCP some buttons / functions may not be available (e.g. LC or VS hold buttons). Also, many AP MCP buttons, although set properly in the simulator internal variables, may not respond in the advanced planes.

2) Flight plans from FS2020 not exchanged with AirTrack

3) Some settings may not work with more advanced planes that use advanced avionics such as those with a G1000 or complex fly-by-wire systems. We will will always try to make as many things compatible as possible.

Installation Instructions

1) Launch FS2020

2) Launch HaversineAir.exe from the command line; make sure the provided simconnect.dll file is present so that it can be used to access the simulator.

The HaversineAir plugin will attempt to connect to the simulator. It will also make itself available to instances of AirTrack and AirEFB on the local network using multicast and auto-configuration. If this doesn't work (some networks don't do well with multicast) you can manually specify the IP address(es) of AirTrack and/or AirEFB instances using the -i option. For example:

HaversineAir.exe -i -i

Will attempt to communicate with Apps on IP addresses and in addition to the default multicast behaviour.

If this still doesn't work, check your Firewall or Anti-Virus configuration and make sure they aren't blocking the required UDP traffic. The plugin communicates with instances of apps using UDP packets from the computer where it is running to ports 2424 of AirTrack instances and 2426 of AirEFB. Make sure your traffic policy allows these in and out.

3) If you happen to have a CPFlight hardware MCP and want to use it with FS2020, see the included README.txt for instructions (or just type -c N, where N is the COM it is in).

Issues and Support

Please let us know of any issues or suggestions by emailing us at support (at) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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