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Unit Settings

The settings page which provides a set of configurable parameters for the application.

On the iPhone and iPod this menu is located just right of the data source selection panel.

The unit fields are self explanatory; you can change the units of different types of variables. Any changes on this screen will reflect throughout the app so if you change the time to local, ETA times in the FMC will be given as local, and if you change speed to km/h the ground speed indicators will report in these.

The heading selector controls what source to use for heading for location services, if the direction of travelling (course) or the direction of pointing (compass).

The Air Traffic selector controls what source of traffic is used for the MFD TCA mode; VATSIM will show all aircrafts flying around you. In order to use this option your device needs to be connected to the Internet as the surrounding aircrafts have to be downloaded.

On the iPad the settings are joint together with the source selector:

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