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programming altitudes into the FMC

Posted on March 8, 2013 16:28 by kleznik


Is there a way to program altitudes on the iPad? I know that you can do it on saved routes in the cloud (through the web page interface) and in the FMC in the flight deck of a plane. Just curious.



Posted on March 8, 2013 17:12 by skyfox


You can when you add a new waypoint. When you press NWP just below the search bar there is an ALT bar. If you tap-cycle through each of its buttons (why by default are set to -) you can set an altitude for that waypoint to be added to the flight plan.

Unfortunately at the moment you cannot edit a waypoint's altitude, so if you need to change it you need to create a new waypoint which is just the same and then remove the old one.

hope this helps,
joao @ airtrack

Posted on March 8, 2013 22:21 by kleznik

Very helpful. Thanks for the quick reply!


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