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ILS indicators not becoming active

Posted on January 9, 2014 15:06 by aslsw

I use AirTrack pretty much all the time now.

I have noticed that the two ILS indicators in the PFD don't always become active.

For example, last night I was flying into Leeds Bradford. I had the ILS tuned and with the flight path function enabled I could see the line of red boxes lining up on the runway. However, at no time until touchdown did the ILS indicators (the purple rhombus symbols) become active. For your reference, the details are: FSX, VirtualCol ATR72-500, Leeds Bradford airport.

I have noticed that the indicators in AirTrack are often behind the PFD in the cockpit. For example, when flying the default B737 it pays to watch the PFD on the screen as the ILS indicators will become active much sooner than the AirTrack ones.

I'm not sure if this is a known issue or not.

Posted on January 10, 2014 16:50 by skyfox


Thanks for reporting.

This is strange, I just gave it a try here and it seemed to work fine for EGNM both for ILF on RW32 and ILFB on RW14 and both seemed to work.

Do you say that the purple rectangle on the MFD/ND fills and aligns but the diamonds on the PFD don't fill and move? This is also strange as they are related so if the one on the MFD moves the one on the PFD must also.

So not sure exactly what's going on... Or did you mean that AirTrack didn't capture the ILS at all whereas FSX did?

Perhaps you were not in NAV1/NAV2 mode in AirTrack which then uses the frequencies of NAV1/NAV2?


In any case, AirTrack is independent from FSX/X-Plane in that it has its own navigation database which in the current version defaults to Navigraph's 1307. So it may be that due to scenery and database differences, things show differently in AirTrack and FSX.

You can also try loading the free X-Plane database on "Navigation Data" and see if it makes any difference.

Concerning the delay of AirTrack in capturing the localiser and glideslope, this is because it has different more realistic algorithms for detecting these. Have a look at this post for an explanation:

So it may be that FSX is less fussy and just shows you the needles beforehand whereas in a real plane you might not see them that early.

So this is normal.


For the missing rhombus, make sure you are in APP mode, have 110.90 tuned into NAV1 or NAV2, are in NAV1 or NAV2 navigation mode (and not in FMC mode). Apart from that I don't see why it shouldn't work, it did here just now.

hope this helps,
otherwise if you can try and describe in more detail the situation in which it happens and send some screenshots I can have a further look,

fun flights,
joao @ airtrack

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