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Creating a custom waypoint

Posted on January 10, 2014 00:45 by frontwave1

I have flight plans using lat and long information in this format:
N50°18.53 W122°39.99

How do I enter this to create this waypoint in Airtrack? IT says this on the screen where you create new waypoints : ( the default is decimal format, use DD-MM-SS.SS[N|S] for deg/min/sec format, e.g. 38-45-00N )

So what am I doing wrong?

Posted on January 10, 2014 15:14 by skyfox


Your's is a third format, DDMM.MM but you can encapsulate it in the MM part of DDMMSS.SS format, so when creating your point online, enter:

Latitude: 50-18.53-00N
Longitude: 122-39.99-00W

(basically you enter 18.53 minutes and 39.99 minutes).

When you submit this will be converted to the DDMMSS.S format so they will become:

50º 18' 31.8" N 122º 39' 59.4" W (degrees, minutes, seconds)

But these are the same coordinates really.

fun flights,

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