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Yes, it crashed again :(

Posted on October 15, 2015 15:14 by FlyPaper

Sorry to repost, but I have a feeling the last thread was closed. So here is what I posted;
You wont believe this. Today, I fire up xplane, load the 320 and AirTrack (with yesterdays new plug-in still there). The map/plan is still OK...however, I put in the flight plan same as usual, and when I finalize the plan (by doing the arrival STARS after entering the departure SID), the app crashes again. I re-installed the new plugin and same thing happens on restart....sorry to tell ya this news again. But something weird is going on, especially since yesterday it worked 100%!
now what!?!
So I restart the app, all is there. I then enter my altitude and another crash.
edit 2
just sitting on the runway adjusting my flight console, nothing to do with any programs/apps, and the app just crashed. I'll re-up the app again and fly now
edit 3
no probs with the 330...yet! still climbing out, no crash of app. btw, the final part of the a320 flight never crashed, once it got to the tod all went well


Posted on October 21, 2015 19:07 by skyfox


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