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Flightplan AirFmc -> AirTrack Waypoints missing

Posted on March 8, 2018 07:45 by docolly

First of all: Both Apps are absolutely great and help to avoid mouse-clicks in the cockpit!!!!

Loading a company route into the AirFMC the filed waypoint do appear in the AirFMC but in AirTrack (clicking on "FMC" there are only coordinates like "5910N" etc.

Is it a bug or a feature????? ;-)

Posted on March 8, 2018 11:17 by skyfox


First have a look at this to understand how the flight plans are treated in each app:

It's probably a "feature" hehe, with which plane does it happen? I seem to remember that the JAR Ds did this.

AirTrack understands the old standard waypoint types APT, VOR, NDB, FIX and LATLON. It reads them from X-Plane using the XPLMNavigation SDK calls. When it receives a waypoint type which it doesn't know about, it creates a LATLON point at those same coordinates.

AirTrack names LATLON points using the ARINC naming convention which generates things such as 5910N

Some planes have specific complex FMCs with waypoint types that are not standard to X-Plane. But in order for the flight plan to at least be visible on a navigation display, they sometimes write to the X-Plane SDK and fill it with LATLON points. So AirTrack will read these as they're written from the plane.

I've also seen once an approach being drawn on the ND with perfect curves turning into final. AirTrack doesn't support arcs yet unfortunately. This was achieved because the plane was plotting a sequence of virtual LATLON points to build the arc. I can't remember which plane it was.

But in essence, in all likelihood, the plane has a complex FMC and is writing LATLON points to X-Plane which are being read and sent to AirTrack. Ideally the plane should write the correct point types but maybe it isn't doing this or maybe it isn't possible due to its complex systems.

But it is still better than other planes which don't write the flight plan at all to X-Plane and therefore for which the flight plans don't appear.

Sorry for the limitation,
fun flights,
joao @ haversine

Posted on March 8, 2018 12:28 by docolly

Indeed, the problem occurs with the A320jar, other planes have not yet been tested.
I just wonder ehy the waypoint appear correctly in AirFMC (okay, it's just a skin of the planes FMC), bis in Airtrack (in the Flightplan aswell as on the radarscreen in navmode) although the waypoits are known. Importing a route from your server all waypoints are named correct in both apps.

Next problem: in the comm-section of Airtrack everything works fine, except the transponder, when i switch it on or off, nothing happens in the plane. Not as important but just to mention it..

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