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enter a complet flight plan in Airtrack

Posted on November 21, 2018 08:43 by androl2015

I first wanted to say congratulations for your products.
I bought Airfmc and Airtrack for xplane 11.
Airfmc ok I'm coming to use it
Airtrack: I have a subscription Navigrah ok. it is up to date with Airtrack
my questions are on flight plans:
can enter a complete flight plan without entering the points one by one.
for example if I have a flight plan LFML-LFMN created with Route Finder (or other) how to enter it directly into Airtrack without entering all the points.
I am French and I use google translation ... sorry
and thanks for your help

Posted on November 21, 2018 16:36 by skyfox


You can enter a flight by copy pasting from another place (route finder for example) here on the web site and then have the flight plan synced to AirTrack automatically and just load it there.

Plus the flight plan will always stay stored even if you reinstall AirTrack or will appear on other devices too until you delete it from the web site.

1) Enter this web site area with your Air Account, go to Routes
2) Select Create Route
3) Give it a name and enter the origin and destination airports
4) Copy paste the flight plan from route finder to the section saying Route
5) Select Provided route
6) Click on Generate / Update Flight Plan (this will decode it and generate its waypoints)
7) Click on Create and Save
8) Load in AirTrack

Note 1: You can enter flight plans in real format with airways say WPT1 AWY1 WPT2 AWY2 WPT3. When you press 6) above it will replace the airway by all its points between the two extremes

Note 2: Unrelated but you can generate with a number of different methods; one useful one I use often and replaces having to create the flight plan in Route Finder is the "Common Route" If you select this type you must select a route from the list of common routes. These are the routes between the two airports frequently used in VATSIM and IVAO ordered by number of uses, so the ones appearing on the top are the most used ones and are generally pretty real and accurate.

hope this helps,
joao @ haversine

Posted on November 21, 2018 18:36 by androl2015

a big thank you for your quick and accurate answer

best regards


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