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AirFMC connects but does not open

Posted on November 30, 2014 16:47 by sdhawkeye01

So after loading Xplane, picking the plane (777-200), getting the plane powered up I would normally start up AirFMC. It searches then gives me the option to pick the IP Address I want. I click it and the FMC is up and running. As of lately it will not let me past the connection page. It shows the right IP address that I want but will not move past that page.

I also use Airtrack. This program works every time but about 20 minutes or so (the time varies) it will say something about no more data being shared and disconnects.

Ive been using both programs for a long time and never had any problems with them. I haven't changed anything with my system as in hardware or software. The only thing I can think of is xplane updates and this lastest ipad update.

I've removed the plugin from xplane and downloaded the newest one from the website. I also deleted AirFMC from my ipad and re-installed it from the apple store. Nothing seems to help.

Hoping for an answer as I love these plugins

Posted on December 1, 2014 20:48 by skyfox


I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're experiencing.

I just re-tested with the latest X-Plane and the latest iOS and it all seems to work fine.

What you describe seems to suggest a connectivity problem in your network. Did perhaps anything change in your network recently? Have you installed a new router? Or changed the router configuration? Or installed an OS upgrade that somehow could be blocking these packets?

Have a look at: It's for AirTrack but the same applies for AirFMC on port 2425.

It you're able to see X-Plane on AirFMC but not select it, this seems to indicate that the UDP packet which your iPad is sending back (from port 2425 to port 59000 of your computer). This could be due to a firewall or anti-virus blocking this packet in (or your router).

Alternatively, as you say AirTrack works but disconnects after a while, it could be that UDP packets are being lost in your WiFi network due to WiFi interference. Sometimes all it takes is a new neighbour to come and install a WiFi router on the same frequency as yours for your network to suffer. As the protocol us UDP based some packets may get lost, and the more noise on the network the more packets get lost.

So I'd suggest:

-Disable any anti-virus or firewall for a start to make sure it isn't blocking
-Try with the iPad and computer next to the wifi access point to make sure it isn't wifi noise
-Check the router configuration and make sure anything to do with multicast is enabled

You can also try connecting AirFMC by going to the CALL page, entering the IP address of the iPad there and pressing CALL. Just as an alternative from selecting it from the list available under the SIMS page.

hope this helps,
joao @ haversine

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