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DR track and average flight path

Posted on May 31, 2018 06:34 by ryanmerkley


I have a few questions regarding departures:For conventional procedures,departures with a DR segment are described. However, I cannot find criteria for the interception angle with the leg following the DR segment. As far as I'm aware of, 30 degrees are recommended, but the criteria for the DR within the initial approach require 45 degrees. I assume, that an interception angle between 30 and 45 degrees should be fine - is that correct? In addition, is it necessary to publish the heading for the DR segment (also for relatively small DR legs)?The other questions correspond to RNAV departures. When determining the minimum stabilization distances using average flight path criteria, which values must I take into account for the speed (IAS = 1.1 max final missed approach speed or TAS from the average flight paths table?) and the altitude (7% climb gradient?)? Using those criteria, I think it is possible, that for very early fly-by turns with large turn angles, the earliest turn point moves before the DER. That however, does not really make sense. How should one handle such situations?

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