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Lat/Long Bug

Posted on December 29, 2012 06:36 by Douglas

Thank you for this amazing app. I appreciate what you've done! I look forward to more flexibility with the AIRAC stuff as I'm not fond of Navigraph token system. I would love to be able to use what I have already (although old, not as old as the present default) and keep it indefinitely until I decide to update. But that is off the point - let me just say thank you.

The bug. When the AirTrackXPL v3.3 is enabled I am unable to enter any lat/long into my X-Plane FMS. I push the lat/long button and only get a quick flash and then blank. If I try to load previously saved plans with lat/long they, too, remove the lat/long coordinates and leave me with a blank segment.

If I disable the plugin, load the flight plan, and then enable the plugin, all seems to work. But I can make no changes to the lat/long without losing the segment and, again, I am unable to add any lat/long to the plan.

I can input information into AirTrack, say 53N40, and it places it as a fix in my X-Plane 9 and as a POS in my AirTrack. What is interesting is that when I add a second segment, say 56N50, the first segment now shows as lat/long and the new segment as the fix 56N50 though the location seems correct. Add a third segment and the second turns from fix to lat/long and the third now is fix, etc.

I am using X-Plane 9.70 on a Windows 7 machine.

Thank you.

Posted on December 29, 2012 20:27 by skyfox

Hi there,

About the Navigraph AIRAC stuff, I'm afraid you would have to bring it up with Navigraph to allow the cycles to stay indefinitely as we just follow their policy on this and wishes on this.

About the bug, I will try to replicate it here and see what we can do. It sounds like a plugin bug but could be something else in AirTrack itself.

What you could try, seeing you are using XPlane 9 and have no need for XPlane 64 bits, is the previous plugin which you can donwload at:

And see if this problems existed with this plugin or if it only exists in the new plugin. There were some changes concerning positions which I don't remember completely now, but that could have affected.

Let us know if the old plugin fixes the problem.

thanks for spotting it.

Season's Greetings and a happy 2013!

joao @ airtrack

Posted on December 29, 2012 23:51 by Douglas

Thank you Joao,

Your reply was quick! I appreciate that. Still loving this app!

Regarding the Navigraph. I understand the current set up that AirTrack provides. Its just not my favorite. When I was using VASFMC I would download the AIRAC and have the hardcopy on my computer. I could do with it what I wanted at that point and it never expired. Is there any plans at all to make AirTrack as versatile? If I understand right from the forums I've read, the nav data is stored on a server and accessed by AirTrack. Is this correct? Is the same true for when I use the x-plane data sources? I believe those are downloaded to my computer/ipad.

Regarding the lat/long issue. This morning things seemed to be working better. I didn't run into the same problem as last night. I had disabled every plugin in X-Plane and added them one at a time to see what the problem was. This is how I isolated the AirTrack plugin as the problem. I will get the 2.3zip and keep it in case it happens again and let you know what I discover.

On another note - and let me know if you want me to shift to a different forum. I read this: and have not had much success. I finally just created a couple cwp's to include in my plan. I wasn't able to get 35E40 and 35E41 to take at all even though 42E60 44E70 46E80 etc were accepted via a saved flight plan in my X-Plane FMS folder. The two I mentioned earlier are part of the Choshi 2 dep from Narita. The second one is now called Guppy but I couldn't get that to pull either. Could you please send me the full information you mention in the forum regarding entering lat/long. I couldn't find it in the manual.

Finally: another issue I've encountered. The c/o switch. When I move from speed to mach there is a problem. Say I am going 330knots in my 744 and at .76 mach I want to switch to mach for the rest of the climb and in cruise. When I hit the c/o button my mach is reset to something low like .47 or .54. This slows the plane drastically while I quickly tap on the mach setting and assign the altitude. In X-Plane if I am at the point where 330knots equals .76m (roughly FL230) then It simply changes the speed to mach and holds the mach without the latency. Is something not happening right in my AirTrack? It would be nice if when the c/o button was toggled it would simply hold the mach currently held by the plane.

Thank you again!


Posted on December 30, 2012 00:26 by skyfox

Hi again,

Regarding the AIRACs, I'm afaid there are no plans to change it in the short time, but one never knows. The data is compiled into a super-compact-binary format which is only understood by AirTrack; the format is necessary because iDevices have limited memory and the data needs to be quickly accessed from memory. The AIRAC is compiled and stored at a server, and downloaded to the device when you select it in Navigation data. Same applies for the X-Plane data, every time there is a new data-set out we compile it and make it available.


About and 35E40, this only works when in FMC mode and entering degree coordinate data, this only works in the FMC when you select NWP. It doesn't work in the Waypoints section where only *real* waypoints can be looked up.

I'm afraid there is no great documentation on it yet. But it works like this:


When you enter a waypoint in this format, at first a lookup is made in order to find if a real waypoint with that name exists; this depends on the AIRAC you are using and on whether that waypoint with that name is present in it.

If you lookup 7562N for example, you will find a FIX with that name. This is a real FIX as it exists in the database so it is presented as a FIX.


Now to complement, if you happen to enter a position which doesn't exist as such in a real AIRAC waypoint, a temporary position POS (LAT/LON) point is created for those coordinates. Take for instance 7662N, this will result in a POS /LATLON point which is created on demand for the corresponding coordinates.

You can construct flight plans with these pseudo-code-named waypoints; if they exist as such, they will be added as FIXes. Otherwise they will be added as LATLON/POS.

I just checked and 35E40, 35E41 don't exist in the database as waypoints, whereas 42E60 and 44E70 do exist as FIXes in AIRAC 1006. This is why you got some and not the others. May be that with a more recent AIRAC they appear there.

If you wanted to use the "pseudo-point" generator you would use 3540E and 3541E I think. I will send you an email with the details of the encoding of the pseudo-points.


About the C/O switch, it is a bug in the convertion of speeds from Mach to IAS. I'm not sure why it happens and will have to check. I noticed it before but as it wasn't very critical I never got around to fixing it. Will do.

enjoy the app,

Posted on January 11, 2013 21:16 by skyfox

C/O switch issue should now have been fixed in 3.5; it should switch to whichever speed you are at the moment of pressing it.


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