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plugin causing errors in altimeter and vvi indications?

Posted on February 2, 2013 22:17 by hawkeye

I seem to be having a problem with airtrack. After experiments it appears the plugin is causing an error between the altimeter reading and the vvi. I can have vvi of say -250 fpm and no change in altitude on the altimeter for long periods of time- though the plane appears to be picking up airspeed as if it is descending. This happens in non-icing conditions or even with pitot heat on. This effects the instruments in the plane as well as the ipad. If i remove the airtrack plugin out of x-plane the problem seems to go away. It happens on every plane that i have flown - not all the time, but frequently. This test is with x-plane 10.11. I havn't been able to figure out what conditions causes this to happen, but i just fly for 1-2 minutes with low descending (or ascending vvi rates and it seems to start. Then all of a sudden after awhile the altimeter seems to "wake up" and start tracking.

Mac OS 10.7.4
plugin version 3.5 32 bit in x-plane 10.11

Posted on February 2, 2013 22:44 by skyfox


Weird indeed, the plugin doesn't write anything to the altimeter or vvi, it simply reads these. I will try to reproduce it and come back to you...

Does it also affect the altimeter of the plane in X-Plane or just the altimeter reading on AirTrack?

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