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Problems with latest plug-in.

Posted on June 21, 2020 18:37 by Yoda1969XPlane9

Good evening. I've some problems with the latest plug-in. I've downloaded the latest version 5.5.2. My MAC is a 21,5" mid 2011 with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, and X-Plane 9.70.
As the instructions says, i've put the file "mac.xpl" in the X-plane/resource/plugins and renamed "HSAIRXPL-Mac-32.xpl". Launching X-Plane, it crashes.
So i tried with an old version, 4.2, and all goes well, X-Plane run.
There is also another problem: I've AirFMC & AirTrack on my iPAD with IOS 13.5.1. The app AirTrack, version 3.14, runs well with the old plug-in 4.2, but the app AirFMC, version 1.8.2, request a new version of the plug-in, so doesn't start.

Which can be the solution?

Posted on June 28, 2020 16:05 by skyfox

After an extensive debugging session with Yoda1969XPlane9 (many thanks!), this was a bug that happened with X-Plane 9 on Mac OS. It has now been fixed in the latest version of the plugin 5.5.3 available in the downloads section.

For anyone wanting to install on X-Plane 9 / Mac / 32 bits:

1) Copy the entire HaversineAir folder to the resources/plugins folder of XP9
2) Copy the file HaversineAir/32/mac.xpl to for example HaversineAir/mac.xpl

Happy flying,
joao @ haversine

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