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ILS Bugs

Posted on January 15, 2012 20:43 by techman


first of all: great app - with a couple of apple devices here it all comes very close to a home cockpit :)

I am using X-Plane 10 with x737, I was wondering that I didnt see any ILS bugs in the PFD (I see them in the plane´s panel in x-plane though).

Any ideas?

(Tested with a couple of airports though)

Edit: I just read about these AIRAC-stuff - could it have something to do with it? Whats the best setup for x-plane and airtrack if I want to use SID/STAR-stuff (even if only planned online with the planning tool here on this website)?

Posted on January 16, 2012 11:35 by skyfox


Glad you enjoy the app :)

There are many possible causes for differences in the ILS bugs on the PFD and MFD in AirTrack and X-Plane. Please have a a look at:

The AIRAC stuff can be one of the causes, but not the only one.

Apart from the differences "by design", there is also a bug just discovered concerning ILS's without DME which has been corrected and will be fixed in the next upcoming version soon.


Concerning SIDs and STARs, since X-Plane doesn't have them, you will need to use a Navigraph AIRAC cycle for that. AirTrack comes with 1006 enabled by default which you can use and which has most of the SIDs and STARs of the world.

The only drawback of this is that the database in X-Plane will be different from the one in AirTrack so you may see different points in the MFD for example, but it is not a huge problem (I use it like this all the time). The advantage is that you can use SIDs, STARs and Airways in your flight plans which you couldn't otherwise and the 1006 database is considerably more up-to-date for locations outside the US.

Alternativelly you can create a flight plan online on this web site and the flight planner using SIDs, STARs and Airways, and have it beamed down to your devices automatically. In this case, even if you use an X AIRAC in AirTrack, the points of the selected SIDs and STARs will be converted to latitude/longitude points in your flight plan so you will still be able to fly them.

hope this helps,
enjoy the app,
joao @ airtrack team

Posted on January 16, 2012 17:07 by techman

OK. So the main goal to avoid panic :) is to have both programs in sync, means that both use the same airac-stuff... right?

So the next question: If I have 1006 in AirTrack - how can I make sure that X-Plane is using 1006 as well? (I don´t care if they are a little bit older and not up do date).

Or on the other hand, if i have a 1012-file how can I tell AirTrack to use it?

Posted on January 16, 2012 19:05 by skyfox

Hum, yes, that would be ideal, but unfortunatelly it's not that simple :(

Navigraph doesn't provide cycles for X-Plane, so you can't have 1006 in X-Plane (or any other navigraph cycle) as the main data set.

So by default you can only get an X-Plane data set in X-Plane. You can then download it to AirTrack by clicking on the "Navigation Data" button and downloading the latest X-Plane AIRAC from the list. They will then be in sync, but you won't have SIDs and STARs.


You have a plane or an FMC in X-Plane that supports Navigraph cycles (X-Plane itself is not supported, but there are some third party products that do individually). Out of my mind, I know two: The CRJ-200 from Javier Rollon, and I think the UFMC/x737 FMC add-on. These products support NG cycles independently of X-Plane, and so you can get them in sync with their data.

So in summary:

- With AirTrack you can load: Navigraph data or X-Plane data

- With X-Plane you can load: X-Plane data only unless you have a third party product that supports Navigraph data

So you either:

- Load the same X-Plane data on both

- Use Navigraph data on both with an X-Plane third party product that supports it

- Use Navigraph data in AirTrack and X-Plane data in X-Plane, with them being out of sync (which is also not that bad; if you use AirTrack to navigate, you can create all the flight plans and they will be sent to X-Plane just fine; it's just that there are some points that you might see in the AirTrack navigration display that you won't see in an XPlane ND and vice-versa).

I wish there was an easier way but there isn't AFAIK :(


Posted on January 16, 2012 19:46 by techman

Yeah. I just bought this x737FMC which has AIRAC-Support and it seem to be in Sync now. And with X-Plane becoming more "mainstream" (since MS seems not to continue the FS-Series, except for Arcade-Stuff like MS Flight) I will expect some more companies becoming focussed on xplane.

Another question: Is there a way to have the animations become more smooth on the ipad, maybe with more networkupdates per second? Is this configurable somewhere?

Posted on January 16, 2012 20:06 by skyfox

On animations:

Not really or not in the short term :( The plugin already sends 20 updates per second, but it is the iPad that is not able to draw more than 5-10 frames per second. This is due to the drawing capabilities (using Quartz 2D) and all the background tasks that the app is performing.

We're always trying to improve it by optimizing the code here and there, so it may improve slightly with future versions or if some of the code gets rewritten/radically changed. It should also improve as faster hardware becomes available.

Posted on January 21, 2012 08:36 by techman

I meanwhile think that I don´t see the ILS-Bugs when the Aiport has no ILS/DME. I see the bugs in EGLL 9L, LSZH 16, but I don´t see them e.g. in EDDK 14L or EDDL 23L.

Posted on January 21, 2012 10:01 by skyfox

Yeap, that is the bug: ILS'es without DME. It has been fixed and a new version is coming out soon, just polishing its corners now :)

Posted on January 21, 2012 10:13 by techman

WTG... apples review time increased to 4 days in the last few weeks... :)

Posted on January 21, 2012 16:14 by techman

By the way, if you need a tester for the app -> contact me via the mailadress in the profile (yes, german too :))

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