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Accidental X-Plane Airac download (should have been FSX)

Posted on October 9, 2012 01:37 by bondiblu


I just purchased the AirTrack App. During the cylcle download from Navgraph, I accidentally downloaded it to X-Plane instead of FSX. How do I delete X-Plane from the Airtrack so that I can re-load it to FSX? Thank you. Warren

Posted on October 9, 2012 08:49 by skyfox


You can delete an X-Plane AIRAC by swiping from right to left on top of it in the navigation data page.

However you don't need to do this; you can keep it in your iDevice and still download other AIRAC cycles such as the Navigraph one. You can then swap between them by selecting them on the navigation data page.

One cycle always stays and cannot be deleted; this is the Navigraph 1006 cycle. So you can always go back to this one.

safe flights,
joao @ airtrack

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