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AirTrack 2.1 Released, with bidirectional communication to X-Plane and much more!

Posted on December 17, 2010 00:00 by skyfox

AirTrack 2.1 is out, bringing remote control for the plane, gyro support where available, a brand new MCP, a radio stack and bidirectional FMC planning, amongst many other things.

What's new in 2.1:

Remote Aircraft control:

The missing link; these new features allow you to control the plane from the AirTrack App, so instead of just receiving information, AirTrack now also sends.

A flight plan entered in AirTrack will now be sent / loaded on the aircraft's FMC.

A brand new MCP page now allows control of the aircraft's auto-pilot; the MCP includes altitude, IAS, vertical-speed, OBS1/2, heading and baro dialers as well as status buttons for multiple AP engage functions (ALT, HDG, SPD, LNAV, VNAV, APP ...)

Remote Yoke - Toggle RC mode with a single button in the PFD and the aircraft will follow the movements of your device; lift your iPhone and the nose will follow; turn it and the plane will roll; and if you happen to have a 4G device with a gyro, rotating it will also control the yaw.

Another brand new COMMS page allows you to see and control the radio stack; tune in a frequency in NAV1 under AirTrack and it will be sent to X-Plane. Same, for NAV2, COM1, COM2, ADF1, ADF2 and Transponder. Vice-versa naturally also works.

Other new features:

VATSIM ATC reporting - When selecting VATSIM for Air Traffic, a new ATC page under COMMs now shows which controllers are online and which are in range. By selecting them, AirTrack also allows direct tuning of their frequency in COM1 or COM2.

Auto-Transponder Mode - Tired of being told to go STANDBY on the ground or IDENT when airborne? The Auto-Transponder feature takes care of this.

Corrected formulas of the Attitude Indicator in the PFD for proper angle display.

A calibration button for the PFD AI now allows it to be calibrated at 0/0.

AI gyro for devices that support it; currently on the iPhone4 and iPod4, the Attitude Indicator now uses the built-in gyro in order to derive roll and pitch.

New MFD/EFIS control from/to X-Plane; changing the display points, mode or range in one changes them in the other too.

PFD only and MFD only modes for the iPad; click a second time in the EFIS button and the dual screen becomes a PFD only page; click again and it becomes an MFD.

As always, multiple bugs fixed.

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