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Navigraph NavData update

Posted on March 8, 2022 18:11 by admin

The NavData cycles update process at Navigraph has changed and the old system of redeeming IOFMS codes in order to download a data set onto AirTrack is being discontinued, in favour of its new API.

As of AirTrack 3.18, when updating nav data from within the App, users are now redirected to Navigraph's web site, asked to login to their account there, and then brought back to AirTrack to be presented with the most up to date cycle.

The old token access code redeem system will go end of life at the beginning of cycle 2203.

The cycles presented in the Air Account section of this website, for route management and flight planning, are now those that have been validated in AirTrack, so if a user has cycle 2203 in AirTrack for example, he or she will be able to use that cycle in the Air Account section for flight planning within the web site.

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