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The Air Account - When Flying meets the Cloud

Our Air Account brings flying with AirTrack and AirEFB to a new unprecendented level by providing users with a presence in our web site and a means to consolidate flying information in one single place, the cloud.

AirTrack and AirEFB are cloud aware; a new User Settings page allows you to enter your username and password and login to your personalised area from within the App.

Register multiple devices with your unique account to consolidate information; AirTrack allows you to sync flight plans and waypoints. Both AirTrack and AirEFB allow you to see cloud charts.

Create a flight plan in your iPad, save it, and seconds later you will have it available in your iPhone. Save a custom waypoint in the middle of the desert and when you get home its coordinates and elevation will be automatically present on all your other devices.

Had to restore an app and lost your data? No problem, with the Air Account all your points and routes are safe and will automatically be downloaded to a freshly installed copy. Bought a new device and don't want to type in all your flight plans again? Your Air Account takes care of that.

And in addition to this, you can manage all these things online using a web browser and this web site.

With an Air Account you can:
Have an identity on this website and be able to post on the forums.
Stay informed about new products, services and updates by subscribing to email notifies.
Consolidate App information of up to 20 devices in a single place.
Create, edit and sync flight plans and routes across devices. Have access to an advanced flight planner which not only generates routes automatically for you, but it allows you to import your own routes or select them from a list of the most commonly used flight plans.
Sync saved and custom waypoints across devices.
Create custom waypoints on a web browser and propagate them to all instances of AirTrack.
Restore flight data and introduce a new device with little effort.
Manage and redeem navigation data cycles online making them available to all your devices with a single action.
Upload your own air charts and approach plates in PDF format to your personal area and have them beamed-down to all your iDevices seamlessly.
For now! Stay tuned for much more to come...
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