AirFMC - A CDU interface for the simulator at the tip of your fingers, literally!

Flying with an FMC is good but have you ever thought how annoying it is to have to look for the small keys on a virtual cockpit's CDU and click on them with a mouse to get something done?

What if you could now do it wirelessly with your fingertips using an iPad's big screen? And what if you could use just one App for all your favourite planes?

Our Flight Simulation App does just this; brings the CDU of your favourite planes to the tip of your fingers.

Designed to integrate with the flight simulators, AirFMC provides an interface layer to your favourite flight management system and allows you to have a remote, portable and beautiful CDU, leaving your screen free for enjoying the scenic routes.

Using our next generation communications protocol you can now connect AirFMC to your simulator seamlessly and effortlessly. Install a simple plugin and it all happens automatically, on the fly and over the Air; no need to configure anything.

Want a second CDU for the co-pilot? No problem, just plug it in; our multicast technology allows you to have as many units and flights as you want. Or while at it, why not also use our AirTrack app on a second device for an MFD or PFD?

Please note, AirFMC is not an FMC in its own right. It does not have "intelligence" so to say, it does not manage routes nor flight performance parameters. At least, not yet! What it does is, it connects to planes that have CDUs and provides an interface surface to them.

In its current release we are proud to support the following list of planes and CDUs:

For X-Plane:

For MSFS 2020:

We're permanently looking at new planes and the possiblity to add support for them so keep an eye as this list is often being extended.

AirFMC in action: A320 QPAC v2 AirFMC in action: X-FMC

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