AirTrack NG - The Ultimate Flight Simulator Glass Cockpit for the Mac, iPad and iPhone

We are proud to present AirTrack NG, the remake of the classic app that integrates with flight simulators in order to report flight and navigation data in real time on a number of devices.

Designed to integrate with a flight simulator such as X-Plane or Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, with the aid of a plugin this application allows you to track and control your flights in real-time in the palm of your hand.

You no longer need to stay glued to the computer in order to know if you're still flying at 39,000 feet, if you're still heading to the right waypoint, how long you've got left or what the weather is going to be like at your destination airport; you can now relax and do it in the garden while you read the newspaper.

Run multiple panels in multiple windows and across multiple monitors on the Mac, with dual panels on iPad or on single panels on the iPhone, scale and rescale, or run across multiple devices all connected to the same flight.

With its updateable AIRAC navigation data, AirTrack includes all the data required for air navigation, namely intersections, VORs, NDBs, airports, runways, procedures, airways, frequencies and localizers.

The remote control features allow you to use your device as a joystick to control the simulator, to control its auto-piloit with the MCP, to send flight plans and to tune the radio stack.

But if this isn't enough, AirTrack can also use your device's built-in GPS to determine your current movements and the Internet to download real weather to simulate an aircraft's sensors.

AirTrack's current list of features includes:

A replica of the 737 NG Primary Flight Display (PFD) with:
  • Speed
  • Altitude
  • Vertical Speed
  • Altimeter/QNH with EFIS control
  • Outside Temperature
  • Compass
  • Attitude Indicator with roll and pitch
  • Flight director
  • Flight Mode annunciators
  • Instant GS, IAS, MACH, and VS when available
  • Movement sensing remote control of the aircraft
  • Attitude sensors on selected devices
  • Embedded EFIS panel for CPT, FO and standalone
  • Minimums / decision height control
  • ILS Approach mode with VOR/LOC and GS diamonds
  • A replica of the 737 NG Navigation Display (ND) with:
  • Captain, First Officer and Standlone EFIS
  • APP, VOR, MAP and PLN modes
  • Centered and expanded modes
  • Display of WXR, STA, WPT, ARPT, DATA, POS, TERR and TFC
  • World wide maps under the TERR option
  • Fully independent TCAS display
  • Wind speed and direction indicators
  • True Air Speed and Ground Speed
  • Active waypoint reporting
  • Flight plan display
  • ILS / VOR approach course helpers
  • Runway and localizer orientation drawing
  • VOR/ADF selectors
  • VOR/NDB guidance bugs according to NAV/ADF
  • Plane trail
  • Rate of Turn display with the snake and 30, 60 and 90 secs predictions
  • ILS Approach mode HSI with deviation bugs
  • A 737 NG based Mode Control Panel (MCP) that interacts with the simulator's auto-pilot with:
  • N1, VNAV, SPEED, LVL-CHG buttons
  • HDG SEL, LNAV, VOR/LOC, APP buttons
  • ALT, VS buttons
  • C/O, SPD/INTV and ALT/INTV buttons
  • A radio stack panel with:
  • NAV1, NAV2, COM1, COM2, ADF1, ADF2 radios
  • Transponder setting and mode selector
  • Integrated Navigation Data with:
  • Detailed Airport information including current weather
  • FIX, VOR/DME/TACAN NDB details
  • Custom waypoints
  • Air Account cloud based point syncing
  • Navigraph and FAA CIFP updateable AIRAC cycles
  • An advanced flight planner with:
  • Departure and arrival airport and runway selection
  • SID, STAR and Approach selectors
  • Direct route entry
  • En-route airways
  • World routes suggestion engine
  • Cruising altitude with vertical profile calculations
  • Direct-To function
  • Load and Save with cloud service using an Air Account
  • Flight plan view with details of airports
  • Current METAR weather, transition altitudes / levels
  • Overall distance, RTE, ETA, ETE, and RTE calculations
  • Point-by-point flight plan detailed
  • Per point heading, distance, ETA, ETE, RTE reporting
  • EFB Charts and Documents with:
  • Local storage / browsing and display of PDF charts
  • Air Account Charts integration / syncing
  • FAA charts of the US
  • Plus the following generals:
  • Real-Time weather information for airports
  • Real-traffic sourced from ADS-B
  • Retina and super retina crystal sharp graphics
  • Resizeable panels; run in full screen or side by side
  • Multiple app and multiple simulators support
  • Options of buy once or subscribe for built in products
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