The Mode Control Panel - MCP

The MCP is accessible via the launch pad and provides auto-pilot control functions similar to those found in the corresponding aircraft.

When used with a simulator the MCP displays the AP values in use and allows the user to change them.

When used with Device Sensors the MCP allows the setting of a virtual auto-pilot system which naturally doesn't do much but which allows things such as the course direction to be rotated on the ND or the source to be selected for ILS and VOR navigation.

Status Buttons

Much like on a real MCP, the status buttons allow the change of auto-pilot engaged statuses.

The buttons have the following effect when pressed:

  • FD - Enable / Disable flight directors
  • CMD - Enable / Disable auto-pilot control
  • AT - Auto Throttle arm
  • SPD - Speed hold
  • C/O - Toggle speed dialer between IAS and MACH
  • N1 - Engage N1
  • HDG - Engage heading sel mode
  • LNAV - Engage LNAV mode
  • LOC - Arm localiser / VOR capture
  • ALT - Engage altitude hold
  • VS - Enable vertical speed mode
  • LCHG - Engage level-change after dialing altitude
  • VNAV - Engage VNAV mode
  • APP - Arm glideslope capture; turns ON when the GS is captured
  • DISENGAGE - Turns the auto-pilot off
  • Dials

    Tapping in each of the numbers brings up a dial-pad style keyboard allowing the corresponding value to be changed and set instantly.

    There are dialers to change the auto-pilot altitude, speed hold in IAS or MACH, heading hold, vertical speed, course/obs 1 and 2.

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