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AirTrack can connect flight information from multiple data source and simulators. In order to do so these need an additional bit of software called a plugin or add-on interface. This software gathers all the necessary information from the simulators and broadcasts on the local ethernet/wifi network to AirTrack on your iPad, iPhone or iPad. It also reversely receives from commands from AirTrack and issues them to the simulator.

The X-Plane Air Plugin

This allows X-Plane to be used with AirTrack. It requires X-Plane 10, 11, 12 or above.

Just download the plugin and copy the HaversineAir folder to your "X-Plane/Resources/plugins" folder. If you have any problems see the INSTALL.txt file for details. That's all, you don't need to configure anything else, just launch X-Plane and your flight should show up in AirTrack.

  • - The latest plugin for X-Plane and all its 3 platforms, Mac, Windows and Linux.

As version 5.11 of the plugin has big architectural changes, we provide the previous vesion below should something stop working with it, and until all points are reviewd

The Flight Simulator 2020 Air Plugin

The plugin for FS2020 comes in the form of a standalone HaversineAir.exe command line tool. In order to install it, download the latest version from below, launch FS2020 and then run the command. Make sure the SimConnect.dll file is present in the same folder and it is the dynamic library required to connect to the simulator. Like X-Plane's it sends and receives data and makes the simulator available as a data source.

FS2020 is relatively new and its SDK is still unfinished and undocumented. This introcuces some limitations in that not all functions may be available with all planes. Support will be gradually improved as Microsoft releases newer versions of the SDK and makes this possible.

The FS9, FSX and Prepar3D Plugins

The plugin for connecting AirTrack to Microsoft FS9, FSX and P3D was developed by the third party company Mobiclip S.L. and is now available for download via the links below. This software has gone EOL and is no longer maintained, so it is provided on a best effort basis with limited support. Plesse see the FS9/X Release Notes and Limitations before considering to use AirTrack with one of these flight simulators.

  • - Airtrack Plugin for Flight Simulator 9/2004 v1.6
  • - Airtrack Plugin for Flight Simulator X v1.6
  • In addition to the automated standard installer files, these plugins are also available in raw gauge format which you must manually copy to the corresponding directory. If you prefer this method please download one of the following files:

  • - Airtrack Gauge for Flight Simulator 9/2004 v1.6
  • - Airtrack Gauge for Flight Simulator X v1.6
  • - Airtrack Gauge for Prepar3D v4 and above (64 bits)
  • Please note: Due to a technical limitation, in order to run the FSX plugin you need to switch to Cockpit View once after starting the simulator (as opposed to the startup 3D cockpit view) in order to launch it. After this you can change views as wished. This limitation is not present in FS9 as it already starts in cockpit view.

    Also, make sure that you don't have your firewall enabled or that you allow AirTrack packets to flow in and out your computer; AirTrack uses UDP port 2424 to exchange data in both directions by default.

    The Operations Manual

    The AirTrack Operations Manual is now available for download, describing how the app works and how to perform certain navigation tasks.

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