Haversine Privacy Policy

Haversine is a limited liability software development company based in the UK.

We take privacy seriously concerning any data provided or gathered by our users; the present document provides a thorough explanation of where we stand, what we may and may not collect from our users, and to what extend that information may be used.

This Privacy Policy is updated regularly and subsequent versions will be given a sequentially increasing version numbers. The currently in-effect, most recent version of this document is distributed electronically and is always available on the Haversine web site at http://haversine.com/privacy for consultation. Any updates will be reflected on the this page.

The present policy is of version 1.0 and was last updated on the 24th of February, 2013.

1. On Collected Information

User specific, usage or performance data may be collected by our web site or our applications for the purposes of its functionality and for statistical analysis purposes only. The following method are the ways which we currently use to acquire any information that may be considered relevant to privacy protection.

1.1 Haversine Air Accounts

Air Accounts, created on the web site or by Haversine applications such as AirTrack, create an identity and associate usage and resources to an individual, by the means of a username, a real name, an email address, a country and a password. Additional optional information may be provided by the user; this information shall remain private.

Additional data generated by the user in its daily operations of its Air Account may be associated to the identity object.

At the time of writing, Air Accounts can be associated with forum posts, navigation data cycles, waypoint lists, position reports, flights performed or logged, routes, charts and inApp purchases, although other similar data type objects could be associated to an Air Account for the exclusive purposes of their functionality.

1.2 Data collected by Applications such as AirTrack

Applications such as AirTrack may collect, communicate and report information to centralized systems. This information is gathered for the purposes of the implicit functionality required by the application in question, or for statistical purposes.

Statistical analysis is user independent and anonymous and may contain things such as:

    - Application Version in Use
    - Device Type in Use
    - Flight Data Type in Use
    - Frequency or Use

Non-statistical information collected may include other types of data such as:

    - Coordinates or real or simulated position. For multiple processing purposes only, such as retrieving the weather or the list of aircraft around the given position.
    - Saved waypoint data for the purposes of cloud-based waypoint sync, sharing and backup.
    - Saved route data for the purposes of cloud-based route sync, sharing and backup.
    - Instant flight data for the purposes of remote flight tracking.
    - Device ID for the purposes of uniqueness identifying of provided resources.
    - Account / User ID when required by the functionality and specifically provided and allowed by its owner.

2. On the Use of Data

2.1 On Air Account Data

Modifying access to specific account data can only be achieved by the proper identification of the user by its unique and secret password between the system, web site or application.

Consultation access of information related to the given user is, as a general rule, private and only visible or shared with the user in question when correctly authenticated by its password. Exceptions to this rule occur only when the kind of information being shared is to be made public by its nature; an example of this are forum posts on the Air website: although only a given user can post under its own name, all users are able to read forum posts as that is the nature and intent of the publication.

Haversine Air Accounts are used to group resources around the user / identity abstraction; they serve the purpose of associating data to a given individual, the owner of the Air Account.

Under no circumstances shall any data associated with a given user or Air Account, which is not by nature public, be distributed, shared or processed outside its original intent.

Haversine will not reveal or share the identifies or email addresses of its users unless mandated by a court of law, under valid ongoing criminal investigation.

An Air Account can be completely removed from the system by its user at any time (under the preferences section once logged in), thus deleting all user associated data from the system.

2.2 On Data collected by Applications such as AirTrack for the purposes of functionality

Gathered data may or may not be associated with a given Air Account.

Under no circumstances shall that data be shared with third parties or leave used for any purpose other than the one it was originally acquired for, related to its functionality.

When associated with an Air Account / individual identity, gathered data shall remain private and undisclosed unless otherwise specifically permitted by the account owner.

2.3 On Statistical data

Any general purpose statistical data obtained or derived from Air Account or Application use will always be presented anonymously and never associated with any given user, account holder or device.

Statistical data related to a given user or identify (for example, the evolution of the number of flights performed per month) shall only be disclosed to the user him or herself, or to those he or she elects to share with by the means of signaled consent.

3. On Cookies

The Haversine Air Web site uses cookies for the purposes of session tracking, user authentication and session management.

These cookies are used exclusively within the operating framework.

The Haversine Air Web site does not access any cookies or cookie stored data other than that the one it itself creates.

4. On Data Storage

All the data gathered, processed and stored by Haversine servers is done in a secure manner and only accessible to authorized personnel for the purposes of system administration only.

All data storage systems are protected by password and other inherent security mechanisms and cannot be accessed by third parties.

Whenever confidential information is concerned, the transfer of it is performed using encryption, hashing, and other safety technologies which ensure against eavesdropping and unauthorized access to the data by data carriers.

The servers used to store any user or usage data are properly secured. They reside in professional data-centres and may be physically located in countries outside Germany or the European Union. By registering for an Air Account or using any of Haversine applications you understand and agree that this information may be stored elsewhere in the planet.

Since data is stored in data-centres outside our physical range, it is possible, although unlikely, that the stored data can be accessed by other people such as data-centre employees gaining access to the physical locations, and we cannot guarantee 100% confidentiality. In order to minimize this extreme possibility, all data classified as confidential shall be subject to encryption (such as passwords, for example) and never be stored in an easily accessible manner.

5. On Information Disclosure

Any personal or confidential data gathered by Haversine for the purposes of its Air Account or applications shall never be disclosed to third parties or anyone with the following permitting exceptions:

    - You as the user and owner of the data

    - Haversine employees when use for problem solving, troubleshooting, or providing support to you, the user and owner of the data.

    - To a new company or legal entity in the event of business selling or ownership transfer, in which case the data ownership will be transferred to the new entity but its intents and purposes shall remain unchanged, as well as this privacy policy, until an accepted revision is issued.

    - To legal authorities to fight or prevent crime or any illegal activity, when mandated by an accepted court of law.

6. On Information Access and Copyrights

Any information that uniquely associated with your account shall be subjected to the following terms:

Data provided by us to a user, and associated with a user's account, shall be done only when we have the right to transfer the access to the information either because it is public domain or because we have acquired the rights to grant the user such access.

Data provided, created or uploaded by a user, remains its properly and limited to its use, but it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that it has the sufficient rights for accessing it.

Under no circumstances shall Haversine be liable for illegal upload and use of copyrighted information by its users to which they did not have access rights, if this action is initiated or a direct consequence of a user’s action.

Haversine reserves the right to block or close any accounts that it finds violating any copyright or any of the terms expressed in this policy.

7. Contacting Us

Feel free to contact us for any queries, doubts or comments you may have about this policy and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact us via: haversine.com/support

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