The X-Plane Air Plugin

In order to use AirFMC (and AirTrack and AirEFB) with X-Plane you need to install a small piece of software in X-Plane called a plugin.

This addon interacts with X-Plane, its different planes and FMC systems by putting all relevant information on the network and by receiving specific commands from apps and feeding them back to X-Plane.

Just download the plugin and copy the HaversineAir folder to your "X-Plane/Resources/plugins" folder. If you have any problems see the INSTALL.txt file for details.

Please note that if you are upgrading from a previous version of the plugin, please make sure that you delete the old plugin first as the two cannot co-exist. In previous versions this was the HSAIRXPL-XXX.xpl file in the Resources/plugins folder. As of version 4.7 all plugins are located in the HaversineAir folder.

That's all, you don't need to configure anything else, just launch X-Plane and your flight should show up in AirFMC, AirEFB and AirTrack and AirEFB if you have them.

The plugin is based on the X-Plane SDK available at

In order to run it you will need a computer with a valid copy of X-Plane 10, 11, 12 or above and a wireless LAN network which connects your computer to the iPhone/iPad/iPod device(s) on the same subnet / segment.

The Flight Simulator 2020 Plugin

You can connect AirFMC to Microsoft's flight simulator 2020 using the HaversineAir.exe interface add-on which is a command line tool for windows. Launch FS2020 and then run it and it will connect to the app and show the flight available on the SIMS page. Make sure you have the SimConnect.dll file in the same folder in order to allow the plugin to interact with the sim.

Note that at present, AirFMC for FS2020 can only be used with the PMDG 737 NG3 family of planes as there is no way to access the CDUs of the default planes.

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