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All Saved Routes Deleted

Posted on October 28, 2012 21:37 by aaronemed

Did something happen to the server? All of my routes are gone on my iPad and on the website.

Posted on October 28, 2012 22:42 by haversine


I'm really sorry for that; in actual fact, I think something has happend, although I'm not quite sure what :( There were some errors in the server's database which I've correctedin the last hours.

Yours was the second case of routes disapearing today, so it's too much to be a coincidence... Something must have gone wrong, and I think it might have been related to the errors showing up earlier today.

I've now reverted all routes to yesterday's backup, so you should have your routes back; if not, let me know. Changes made in the last hours may have been lost with this, but on the other hand all old routes have been saved and should be there.

I'm sorry for this. Hopefully all is fine now,
joao @ airtrack

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