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Interchange of files with X-Plane

Posted on January 6, 2013 16:55 by xDane

Hi there,

AirTrack is working GREAT for me. Love the program.

I'm wondering if there is a way for AirTrack to "adopt" a flight plan that has been entered manually in X-Plane's FMS (or loaded into X-Plane's FMS from the hard drive). Right now, if a flight plan is entered in X-Plane's FMS, or loaded in from hard drive, AirTrack doesn't seem to adopt it in its FMS display. I may be completely mistaken about this, just checking whether this already works and I am missing it somehow...or if not, whether it might be in the works for a future release. Conversely, is it possible for a flight plan loaded into AirTrack from your web site, or created manually in AirTrack, to be saved to the hard drive on the X-Plane computer?

Thanks for the BEST X-Plane add-on ever!


Posted on January 6, 2013 17:26 by haversine

This should work, the problem may be that AirTrack is in what is called "Local FMC mode" which basically means it prefers its own FMC flight plan over anything entered in X-Plane. This is due to a set of features that require airtrack to be authoritative over its flight plan and probably because you made a change in its FMC which caused it to enter local mode. You don't see this of course, it is all internal.

Anyway, to summarise:

1. Press the CLR key twice to clear everything in AirTrack's FMC page and bring it to remote mode

2. Load your flight plan in X-Plane - The plan should now appear in AirTrack


Just remember if you make a change to the flight plan in AirTrack, it becomes the authoritative entity for the flight plan and hence enters local mode and stops responding to X-Plane changes.

In general you should only make changes to a flight plan in one place; either X-Plane or in AirTrack, whichever you prefer.

hope this helps,
enjoy the app,
joao @ airtrack

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