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Installed P3D on new machine, cannot detect simulator

Posted on March 31, 2013 16:28 by LuisAlicea


I had Airtrack functioning on a computer on my network and I have both my iPad and iPhone configured with Airtrack. I just recently installed P3D on a different PC but can no longer detect the simulator from the iPad, although my iPhone can see the new install. My iPhone works flawlessly but not the iPad. I'm not sure how to get the iPad to see the new install as there is no configuration for that.

Thanks for any help offered


Posted on March 31, 2013 16:50 by haversine


Hum, this sounds like a multicast problem. Are both iPad, iPhone and both PCs on the same network? Is everything configured automatically?

Auto-configuration relies on multi-cast. Some routers have problems with it or have configurable options for it.

First, try forcing a kill of the application on your iPad; double-tap the home button, press on the X for a few seconds so it gets killed. Now relaunch AirTrack. This forces a multicast IGMP join so it might fix it.

If it doesn't fix it you may have to try manual configuration mode if it is a problem with your router not supporting more than one device or multicast sources. In this case, note down the IP addresses of both your iPad and iPhone, create a text file named "airtrack.ini" in the main FSX or P3D directory and put those IP addresses there, one per line.

Now relaunch FSX or P3D and it should run fine.

hope this helps,
joao @ airtrack

Posted on March 31, 2013 19:13 by LuisAlicea

Thanks greatly for your help, the "airtrack.ini" addition worked. I replaced the previous machine so there is only one computer on the network with Airtrack on it but it seemed only the iPad didn't want to see it.

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