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costum waypont

Posted on February 12, 2014 23:57 by simbio

I have created here in haversine.com some CWP (reporting point for VFR flight), the problem is that the number of character in the ID: field is less of what is possible to insert.
Those costum waypont make Airtrack to crash on my IPAD.
If I want to change them in haversine.com is not possible as the text is greyed.
The only way is to clone them and use less character, but can we have more one's.
Another problem is the lacks of Elevation I can put a false one but it should be an option on my opinion.

Is there a way to import by a text file with comma as it would help for faster import.

Here the list which is really huge.

Posted on February 13, 2014 11:06 by haversine


Thanks for reporting.

The ID field indeed cannot be changed because it is the primary key used for synching and other things I'm afraid. If you changed it the syncing process wouldn't know which waypoint to sync anymore.

The maximum number of characters it can hold is 7 although the web site was incorrectly accepting 8. This is what was causing AirTrack to crash and was a bug. I've just corrected it and made it 7 only.

Unfortunately this cannot be bigger; this is because this field is used in the navigation database much like FIX IDs (which are 5 characters) airport ICAOs (which are 4) and so forth. Due to the way the database is designed with optimisation for speed and size in mind, data structures and the way the whole thing works.

So sorry for this. The bug above is corrected so you can now only insert IDs of max 7 characters.

About the elevation, I've also updated the web site so that you can now leave your elevation field empty.

About the import, there is no automatic way online of importing, no, but if you send me a list via support I can import it for you to your account in one go at the server. Please prepare a text structure in the form:


POINTID is max 7 characters or digits
LATITUDE and LONGITUDE are floating numbers so like 39.234567
NAME is a string with max 23 characters

Or if you don't have elevation: just prepare:


You can use any other separator if you like.

let me know if you want this,
fun flights,
joao @ airtrack

Posted on February 14, 2014 01:43 by simbio

Thank's for fixing and explain CWP I will create the file and send you .
thank you for your support

Posted on February 16, 2014 16:47 by simbio

Ok I am ready here the way that CVS is organized
The first should be the icao name but some are more then 7 character the last is the description.
I have another couple of question after loaded the FPL in Ipad version, is not easy to interact like inserting in between a new waypoint or move up or down a fix or change altitude for every fix.
Maybe I didn't read the manual correctly LoL
Let me know I can I send you the file otherwise copy the text below I split in two for reach max character par reply then delete after done.

I have discover many site that have reporting VFR and is growing maybe if you create a solution could be an improvement for VFR people.

Posted on February 16, 2014 16:54 by simbio

Posted on February 16, 2014 17:08 by haversine

Hi Fabrizio,

They're imported :) You should see them in your account now... let me know if you don't see them.

If you want you can edit the posts above and delete them from the forum.


About the editing of waypoints, at present it is not possible to edit the elevation of a point in the FMC page. You either need to do it online or create a new waypoint and delete the old one. Sorry for this.

In order to insert a new waypoint on the flight plan though, you can use the UP/DOWN keys to move through your flight plan and then press NWP; in this case the new waypoint will be inserted just before the waypoint you are at. There is a small arrow that appears in front of the waypoint you have selected in AirTrack once you use the UP and DOWN keys.


The solution is not great as you now have more than 400 custom waypoints in your account; I hope this doesn't slow things down too much. Custom waypoints were not designed for this, they were just meant for having a few that are relevant to you.

You're right there should be another way of importing VFR waypoints and to make them faster and more effective. I'll add it to the wish list, but for now this is what's possible.

hope it works,
let me know if you have any problems or if you don't see the waypoints in your account,

and fun flights,
joao @ airtrack

Posted on February 16, 2014 17:28 by simbio

Thank's for the fast answer I would like that Navigraph or Aerosoft would take care of those info and not other plugin software.
I discover a strange bug or what you can call it.
my original FPL LIRP-LSGG stored in the website have FL 220 but when I load in the ipad it become 6700, Have I do something wrong?
Thanks for your help

Posted on February 16, 2014 17:39 by haversine

The web site's default units are metres; if you want FL220 you need to enter 22000F (with an F at the end).

6700 metres = aprox 22000 feet

that's probably why :)

Posted on February 17, 2014 10:01 by haversine

Actually it makes more sense to have feet as the default instead of metres, so I just changed the default which is now feet and you need to append M if you want metres :)

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