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PMDG 737 with AirTrack

Posted on May 17, 2014 21:38 by 737Andi


i have a question regarding the Route creation and change. Is it only possible to create and change routes from AirTrack side or can i also use the PMDG 737 CDU for this Purpose ?

What i Need is the magenta Route on nav Display changing After making Inputs to the PMDG 737 fmc.

I Hope this is possible...


Regards Andi

Posted on May 18, 2014 10:14 by skyfox

The ND display works but you will need to enter the same flight plan that you have entered in the 737 in AirTrack separately. If you enter the same flight plan then the route will be displayed with magenta lines.

You do this on the FMC page.

Press -D-> on the FMC page to activate a current leg.

Download the manual from for information on how to program the FMC page.

So yes, it will work but you need to enter things separately. The 737 and AirTrack cannot exchange flight plan information at present unfortunately :(


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