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MAP EFIS not in sync between a330 and ipad

Posted on May 22, 2015 04:15 by FlyPaper

I've been flying the Jar a330 on xplane 10 and after updating to the latest AirTrack plugin, the efis map mode on AirTrack on my ipad will display the PLAN mode while I am in the MAP mode in the xplane cockpit of the a330.
What can we do to correct this, or is this just a small bug? Thanks for your help and thanks for a GREAT product!

Posted on May 25, 2015 09:11 by haversine


Thanks for reporting. I’ll have a look, it’s probably a bug / lack of support in the plugin.

Will be fixed, sorry about it,
joao @ haversine

Posted on May 26, 2015 04:39 by FlyPaper

OK, thanks! Please let me know when it's available...cheers

Posted on October 13, 2015 22:32 by haversine


Sorry, I thought I had fixed this in another version of the plugin but no, there was still something missing, thanks for letting me know on the other post, so here it is:

A new version of the plugin (4.3.2) now deals with this as follows:

AirTrack's ND is slightly different than the Airbus since it is based on the Boeing NDs. It has 4 modes, namely:

APP mode - made to correspond to ILS mode in the Airbus
VOR mode - made to correspond to VOR mode in the Airbus
MAP mode - made to correspond to NAV and ARC modes on the Airbus
PLAN mode - made to correspond to PLAN mode in the Airbus


Now Airtrack allows APP, VOR and MAP modes to be displayed in ROSE or ARC modes. You press CTR to switch between the two.

Unfortunately due to the way it was designed initially the switch between CTR and ARC modes is performed when changing the show data and not when changing modes, so at present it is not possible to make these act correctly when mode is changed.

So in summary:

When selecting NAV or ARC mode on the A330 or A320 this will lead to MAP mode in AirTrack
When selecting MAP mode in AirTrack this will lead to NAV mode on the A330 or A320.

But switching between ROSE and ARC modes is still done independently, so you may be in ROSE mode in one and ARC on the other; use the CTR key to toggle and make them match.

Sorry about this slight annoyance, can only be fixed in a new version of AirTrack as it is related to the way it deals with the information received from the plugin.

But at least ARC mode no longer leads to PLAN.

Please pick the latest plugin from: http://haversine.com/airtrack/downloads

fun flights,
joao @ haversine

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