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Carenado - X-Plane 10 and AirTrack

Posted on January 12, 2016 13:53 by Pseinsfeld

Hi, i'm using the X-Plane 10 with Carenado aircraft.
Yesterday i've made some tests to check the compatibility between this two products and i've found some problems, i can change some information in the AirTrack mirroring to the Carenado aircraft such as map scaling, heading and route but other features such as changing COMMS, NAV, ALTITUDE, COURSE and other, i can't even receive the information from the aircraft in my AirTrack.

There's any way to solve this problem or this two platform didn't work together? I've just installed the plugin as indicated in the website.


Posted on January 15, 2016 08:27 by haversine


In general, AirTrack and its plugin work with the standard X-Plane data refs; so as long as the planes use these data refs they will be compatible.

Some planes however due to having more advanced systems implement their own data refs. This is probably what's happening with the Carenado and the things that don't work :(

So I'm afraid it may well not be supported in all its features :(

Sorry, joao @ haversine

Posted on January 15, 2016 15:43 by Pseinsfeld

Joao, no problem, i'm just wondering now how to know when some aircraft is compatible or not with AirTrack, because it's an addict and very useful tool.

Congrats for your job.

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