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Zibo mod 738 and IXEG 733 FMC not showing

Posted on March 26, 2018 03:36 by amirsolo

Hi there,

I noticed whenever I load a flight plan into the Zibo mod or IXEG FMC, nothing show up in AirTrack FMC. :(

Can you please let me know what is the reason and If there is a limitation to it whats the workaround?

Thank you

Posted on March 26, 2018 13:49 by haversine

I'm afraid it is a limitation as the zibo doesn't write its flight plan to the navigation database of X-Plane.



sorry, it's beyond what we can do. You can access it with AirFMC though.

fun flights,
joao @ haversine

Posted on March 26, 2018 14:04 by amirsolo

Thanks for reply Joao,

I hope you guys put it on your roadmap to do something about it in future. Your product is awesome and I believe you can make it even better for what you have. :)

What I do now is by going to Air Account and import my flight plan there so it reflects into AirTrak FMC. It's redundant as I read in the link you mentioned but still, there is a workaround.

Thank you again and looking forward to future guys!!!


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