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AirFMC data to ArTrack

Posted on December 31, 2013 09:34 by ghun1

is there a way to get the data that's taken minutes to input into AirFMC directly into AirTrack's FMC data?
I can see this can be done using the standard X-Plane FMC by 'uploading' AirFMC data to X-Plane then 'downloading' it to AirTrack from X-Plane. But is there a way to be able to see custom FMC data in AirTrack too (now that it is in AirFMC)?

Also, now that AirFMC is compatible with custom FMC's in X-Plane is it going to be possible to use a route generated on the routes page of AirAccount in AirFMC ?


Posted on January 2, 2014 13:11 by haversine


I'm afraid not ... the thing with custom FMCs is that each FMC / plane has its own closed and independent implementation and each has its own way of representing flight plans internally in memory which are not always accessible.

So what AirFMC does is to provide a remote keyboard and screen to a plane or FMC which is implemented elsewhere. When you enter a flight plan in AirFMC you are in fact programming the plane's internal systems in the way the developer of that plane made them. You can think of it as "remote hardware" only without any "intelligence".


AirTrack on the other hand accesses a set of data structures that exist in X-Plane aimed at storing flight plans. These are standard X-Plane datarefs which are published on the SDK and which are accessible. So any plane that writes to those data variables will have its flight plan shown correctly in AirTrack. This is the "standard" way of publishing the flight plan to make it operate with other apps.

It would be nearly impossible to try and enter the internals of each plane's FMC implementation and converting it every time developers changed the way things in their planes. In fact it is just not possible at all at the moment with many because the flight plan is not accessible as per design.


Basically if you use AirFMC with a standard X-Plane plane, it will write to the correct data structures and plans will be corrected downloaded to AirTrack.

If you use AirFMC with certain planes that write to these data structures this will also be the case. One example is the recently supported QPAC A320 which I think uses the X-Plane data structures.

But if you use AirFMC with other planes that have their flight plans private then there is currently no way of accessing them. The only way would be to ask the developers of these planes/FMC to populate the FMC database of X-Plane, even if only for display purposes.

So I am sorry for this; I wish we could do it but it's just not possible at present with certain planes and FMCs.


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