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X-Plane 10.30 New Garmin 430/530 Incompatability

Posted on June 21, 2014 01:58 by jackoat

Running X-Plane 10.30 b4 on OSX Mavericks. Seems the new Garmin 430/530 has a compatibility issue with AirFMC. The FMC displays waypoints set on the Garmin but will not allow any data input. The keys appear to be "dead". Is anyone else experiencing this? Any aircraft with the older unit installed work fine.

Posted on November 11, 2014 22:03 by jackoat

Yes. Having the same experience PLUS compatibility issues w AirTrack as well. It appears to be a matter of the X-Plane SDK which I hear is in development for the 430/530 but not there yet. I presume that means a fix is on the way. I certainly hope that is the case as more aircraft being released/updated.

Posted on November 12, 2014 09:39 by skyfox

Haven't updated this as I was unaware at the time, but yes, I can confirm. The new 430 and 530 GPS devices don't use the default X-Plane FMS system and thus datarefs so at the moment there is no way to retrieve their flight plan and display it in AirTrack.

This will apparently be supported in X-Plane 11 and version 3.0 of the SDK and until then there may be alternatives coming along. But at present we'll just have to live with having two parallel but equal flight plans, one in the 430/530 and one in AirTrack.

joao @ airtrack

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