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AirFMC with UFMC

Posted on July 14, 2014 18:08 by drpatrickm

AirFMC is working fine on Ipad with QPAC A320 on my Imac.
But i would like to use UFMC with SSG 747 Bi (freeware version for test)
when i connect AirFMC to the aircraft the basic and default fms is displayed on ipad (with seg 1 and so on) not UFMC.
so i can't use qpac a320 and UFMC with AirFMC the QPAC FMC is displayed on ipad !!!, not UFMC
How can i resolve this problem?
Thank you


Posted on November 19, 2014 21:54 by GinoTheCop

Please try to remove or disable FJCC_x737 plugin if you are using FJCC_UFMC plugin only.

This should solve your problem.

Hope this helps

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