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AirFMC with x737FMC

Posted on November 17, 2014 20:13 by GinoTheCop


I have downloaded your MAC version to try the software before buy and use in my iPad.

My main sim runs on a MacPro 64 Bit (Mavericks), AirFMC is running on a MacBookPro 64 Bit (Yosemite),

I installed the 64Bit MAC plugin version 4.2.5 on main sim PC, Latest version of x737FMC plugin is running with no issues with EADT's 737 (latest version)

xPlane is version 10.31 64 bit.

The problem is; I am getting the default FMC options only on my remote Mac (MacBook Pro)

What could be causing this? Will it be the same on my iPad if I purchase the product? I realy need to know that I can use x737FMC on my iPad, simply because it will just be awesome!

Thanks for the great and hard work and I hope you can find a solution to the issue.


Posted on November 19, 2014 21:21 by skyfox

As discussed by email you have now found the problem being with some plugin conflicts.

Glad it is working, so yes, it definitely works with the latest x737fmc and EADT's 737.

fun flights,

Posted on November 19, 2014 21:52 by GinoTheCop

Yes the problem was having both FJCC_UFMC_mac & FJCC_x737_mac plugins under /resources/plugins folder.

When I removed FJCC_UFMC_mac plugin AirFMC 1.2 works like a charm with no issues.

And now I have a great setup with XHSI on 3 laptops for PFD/ND etc and AirFMC on my iPAD. All working great and simultaneously.

It is awesome to fly using this setup and I am very glad and impressed with the support I received from joao through number of emails.

I strongly advise this setup for those who has an iPad and who wants to have the FMC on a completely controllable separate device/screen.

Thanks once again.

P.S. I think Javier's installation setup installs both of the above plugins by default so those who do not use one of them should disable or remove the plugin for AirFMC to detect which FMC you are using.

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