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CLR Button on FMC Crashes X-Plane 11 - IXEG 733

Posted on December 22, 2018 17:23 by w_pienaar

It has been a wile since I've used AirFMC. I had to download the new Haersine plugin, delete the old plugin and copied the latest download into the plugins folder. I've updated AirFMC via the play store and everything connects perfectly. However, whist having the IXEG 733 loaded, using the CLR button on the AirFMC crashes X-Plane 11.

The last line in the X-Plane log.txt file states the following:
--=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: Haversine Air Plugin v4.8}==--

Any idea what the reason for this might be?

Eagerly awaiting your response.


Posted on December 22, 2018 21:19 by skyfox

My apologies, it must be something in the new plugin.

I'm looking at it and will release an update shortly.

joao @ haversine

Posted on December 22, 2018 21:31 by skyfox

OK I think I found it, was a mistake attempting to write a data ref when CLR was a command. Please download and install the new Air Plugin v4.8.1 from the downloads section

Let me know if the problem persists,
Thanks for spotting it,
joao @ haversine

Posted on December 23, 2018 15:20 by w_pienaar

Thank you Joao The new Air Plugin v4.8.1 resolved the issue I has with the CLR button on the AirFMC. Air FMC now functions flawlessly for the IXEG B733.

All I now need to be your most satisfied customer yet is Air FMC support for the FF A320 Ultimate as well.

Have a Merry Christmas.



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