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List of compatible AirTract X-Plane aircraft

Posted on September 19, 2012 21:17 by breadwild

I thought I saw a list somewhere on this site, but can't find it now.

I know the default FMC in X-Plane (seen in the KingAir) works.
The Dash 8 is amazing with AirTrack.
Caveats with the 737, though I haven't tried it.
I know the CRJ-200 is not compatible :(

Are there others? Like the new 777?


oops, sorry for the misspelling in my title field

Posted on September 20, 2012 08:02 by skyfox

AirTrack uses the default FMC engine of X-Plane so any planes using a different one and not writing to the x-plane FMC datarefs may not work. I mean, they will work, only the route part of AirTrack will not interact with X-Plane but you can still follow your flight and have two parallel flight plans.

Haven't tried the 777 yet but I suspect it might be in the same category as the CRJ-200 as its FMC code is from the same developer.

Apart from these, that I know only when using the uFMC from Javier Cortes which is in itself an independent FMC.

There may be more planes like this but I don't know about them. If anyone does feel free to share.

In general AirTrack works with most planes though.


Posted on October 22, 2012 11:50 by igorland

Hello. The AirTrack MFD is not compatibale with B777. The route is not tracked on the map. This is very unfortunate! It works well with CRJ-200, so it can work with non-default planes. Can you please fix it? Having an application that is not compatible with newer payware should be out of question! Thanks a lot, guys!

Posted on October 22, 2012 12:13 by skyfox

This is on the ToDo list, and I've actually purchased the 777 just so that I could try and make it work as best as possible, but I'm afraid it doesn't look very promising...

AirTrack uses the X-Plane's standard route / FMC engine so it works with any plane that respects it or at least writes its own flight plan to the corresponding datarefs. If you can't see the 777's flight plan in AirTrack it is probably because the 777 is not putting the flight plan in the right place. I could understand if the 777 didn't read from XP's flight plan as it probably wants to control the plane its own way, but reporting its own flight plan should at least be there. This being the case, it is hardly something that we can solve, it is more something that the 777's developers should fix.

On top of that, I've had a look at the 777's datarefs to see if I could make special tweaks for the 777 to work better with AirTrack and a hardware MCP, but I found a big mess of dataref names, a mix from T7Avionics/* anim/*, lamps/* etc and I couldn't even read them, it was as if they didn't exist. In any case, nothing related to the flight plan either.

So I will have a look and see what can be done when time permits, and contact the developers of the 777 to see what we can improve together.

But as I said, if a new plane ignores the standard datarefs of X-Plane and does things its own way, we can hardly keep trying to fix every one that comes out regardless of it being payware or freeware...

joao @ airtrack

Posted on October 22, 2012 14:06 by igorland

Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate the tech support you provide. Thanks for looking into this. I agree, the plane is messed up, and if it had a trial period, I would have never gotten it, at least in the shape it is now. I really hope that the ixeg's Classic Boeing being developed now will be much better in this regard.

There are two more things that I hope will be/are on your to do list. First, showing whether the speed is changing ( up or down arrow). And second, the G/S diamonds appear only when it is intercepted and activated. It would be nice to have it displayed before (diamond not filled on top, as in reality, and then going down when intercepted).

Thanks a lot for your support!

Posted on October 22, 2012 15:11 by skyfox

Speed trend will require a bit more information so I'll add it to the wish list. About the diamonds, that is relatively easy and I'll integrate it straight away in the next 3.3 version.

enjoy the app,

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