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.fms file format for importing

Posted on December 27, 2013 12:46 by arb65912


I have created the .fms file but when I use option to import it, nothing happens.

I wonder if there is any special format required to be kept.

Below is a simple .fms file I was trying to use.

Thank you.

Cheers, Andrzej


3 version



1 KWWD 23 +39.0085 -74.908584

11 LEEAH 0 +39.260908 -74.953059

3 DQO 0 +39.678139 -75.607081

11 JOANE 0 +40.044022 -76.455945

11 DELRO 0 +39.965475 -76.625345

11 SUEDE 0 +39.912042 -76.740061

1 KTHV +39.917 -76.873028

Posted on January 2, 2014 13:30 by skyfox


Sorry for the delay; new year celebrations and all :)

I'm not sure if this was it, but your flight plan above seems to have extra empty lines. Perhaps the format has changed or something. Anyway, I just updated the code to ignore empty lines and I think it is working now.

Could you please try now:

1. Go to
2. Start a flight plan form KWWD to KTHV
3. Select "Generate with: Imported route"
4. Select your file
5. Click on "Generate / Update Plan"

Hopefully your plan will now have been loaded correctly and displayed.

6. Then click on "Create and Save this route" to save it

I just tried with the above plan and it seemed to work.

if not let me know,

happy new year!

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