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Very Slow update intervals

Posted on December 29, 2017 14:20 by FTGaming

Hey all,

I purchased the AirFMC plugin a few weeks ago. I've also purchased the 757 and 767 from FF through X-plane. I've had a huge amount of success with the AirFMC app and the Zibo mod. I however have had minimal success with the 757 and the 767. Both suffer from the same problem. They update very slow. For instance when I click a button on the App, it's at least 10secs until I see image update on the ipad as to what happened. Funny enough the update on X-plane is almost immediate. Do you have any suggestions on what could be the cause? I could fill in at least 5 or 6 objects on the FMS until I see a change on the graphics of the IPAD.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon on a fix. Awesome app with Zibo mod. A real game changer.


Posted on December 29, 2017 14:47 by skyfox


I just tried here with the 767 and it seems to respond almost immediately. What frame rate do you get on X-Plane? Maybe it's X-Plane that's slowing it down ... 10 seconds is way way too long. Should be less than a second.

The 757 and 767 (and 777 and CRJ) all have a different way of updating the screen. This is due to the way they were designed and the only way we can use to retrieve the screen.

Instead of the plugin reading the screen and sending to AirFMC, these planes provide the screen via a web server, so AirFMC must connect to this web server in order to receive the lines of the MCDU. Possibly the plane or X-Plane is delaying the update of these lines.

Try the following:

With a web browser, open the link: http://localhost:18387/ on the computer running X-Plane. Now see if that MCDU also delays in updating or if it suffers from the same delay. If it doesn't then it might be something in AirFMC so let me know and I'll investigate further.


Posted on December 29, 2017 16:29 by FTGaming

Thanks for a quick reply. I've tried and done what is in the manual for those planes. I've tried the web server and it updates almost immediately in X-plane and reflects the information just as fast in the browser window. I'd be glad to record and do a small unlisted video as well if that would help. Just let me know. One other descriptive sidenote....

It's like my IPAD is just a FMC controller with a dummy screen. When I click a button or access the legs page on the IPAD, it happens in x-plane immediately. The screen is what takes so long to update (ON THE IPAD). I have both the IPAD 2 and a brand new IPAD mini. Both react the exact same.

Just for giggles I connected both the server and xplane and and the AIRFMC all up at the same time and like earlier, when I click any command on the IPAD it happens almost immediatly on all screens except the IPAD.

Also to answer you above question, framrates are in the 30's-100's almost maxxed out depending on where I'm at. I built this machine for X-plane. But, like I said earlier, this FMC plugin works like a dream with the Zibo737. Absolutely, no lag issues at all.

Thanks again,

Posted on December 29, 2017 17:12 by skyfox

Very weird but then it does sound like the problem is on AirFMC (since it update almost immediately on the web page).

I will try and replicate it here ...

To make sure, are you using version 4.7 of the plugin and version 1.5 of AirFMC ?

Also, perhaps worth trying to kill the app completely and relaunching it, to make sure it isn't stuck anywhere trying to do something.

It should have something to do with the TCP port. The Zibo works with the plugin itself and UDP which is why it has no leg.

Could you let me know just a sequence of steps you give that cause the lag so I can try here the same, and if possible on the 767 which is the one I have here installed?

And also if you could let me know your iPad model / iOS so I can try to replicate as close as I can.

thanks and sorry for the problem, it must be a bug of some kind,

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