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FSX Plugin location

Posted on August 19, 2012 22:02 by steve1224

I just bought airtrack for FSX and it can never connect with the computer. I think this has to do with the plug in so can you tell me where I am supossed to save the plugin file and which one should I use?

Posted on August 20, 2012 13:43 by skyfox


You download the plugin from:

You need either or

The first is contains an automatic installer to install the plugin. If this fails you can try installing manually which basically consists of downloading the gauge file, copying airtrack.gau to the gauges directory of FSX and editing one of panel.cfg, missionpanels.cfg etc ... depending on which version of FSX you have. See the attached README file for details.

When you launch FSX you need to switch to 2D cockpit view once in order to activate the plugin.

You should see a very small white square on the top-left corner of your FSX window in 2D view. This indicates that the plugin has loaded and is running.

If it launches but you can't connect, you may want to see:

Certain planes like the 737NGX require special manual configuration, see:

hope this helps,
joao @ AirTrack

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