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Pre- purchase Questions

Posted on July 19, 2013 22:18 by deltaflight

I use FS9 only.

1. By purchasing the IPhone version do I also get the IPad version for the same price or do I have to pay individually for each?

2. Will this read my LevelD 767 flight plan entered and display correctly on your app?

Many thanks,


Posted on July 20, 2013 07:55 by skyfox


AirTrack works fine with FS9.

Concerning 1), yes, it is a universal app so you will be able to run it in all your iPhone(s) and iPad(s). The interface is slightly different between iPhone and iPad but the functionality is the same and all included with one app for all devices.

Concerning 2) I'm afraid probably not. The L-D 767 has its own internal FMC and I don't think its flight plan will display in AirTrack. Having said this, there is nothing stoping you from entering the same flight plan in the 767 and in AirTrack, in which case they will display and track the same flight plan with the same points and so on as you move along so you can perfectly use AirTrack with the 767; it is just that you have to enter the same flight plan in both and they work independently.

You can enter a flight plan in AirTrack by entering the points on the FMC page *or*

You can make use of the Online flight planner / manager to where you can quickly and easily import and save a flight plan and it will be automatically downloaded to all your AirTrack instances. This makes life easier as you can just enter the sequence of points on the web site in one line as you'd enter in VATSIM and a flight plan will be created which you can then just load at any time in AirTrack.

sorry about the limitation,
hope this helps,
joao @ airtrack

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