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AirTrack 3.3 released!

Posted on November 19, 2012 20:04 by skyfox

So, AirTrack 3.3 is out; grab it now from the App store!

Apart from a ton of bugs corrected and a lot of code rewritten this version includes:

- Support for the new iPhone 5 and iPod resolution displays.

- Support for the PilotEdge ATC network.

- A new magenta arrow in the ND (using MAP mode and having a flight plan) indicates the way to the next waypoint so you always know where to go even if you're off-track.

- The radio stack on the iPad has a new layout as requested by users.

- The MCP is now accessibly from the main control buttons on the iPad as requested by users.

- The ND of the iPhone and iPod now uses bigger fonts as requested.

- Charts can now be rotated with finger gestures as requested.

Enjoy 3.3 :)

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