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AirTrack and devices with iOS 3.x and 4.x

Posted on November 26, 2012 12:05 by skyfox

Users please be aware that, as of version 3.3, AirTrack requires a minimum of iOS 5.0 to run. This effectively means that the new version of AirTrack will not run on old iPod Touches (2nd Gen, iOS 4.x) , original iphones (iOS 3.1.3) and iPhone 3G (iOS 4.x) devices.

For as much as we'd like to continue supporting these devices, this does not depend on us as the new X-Code and iOS SDK (required to build for newer devices and iOS versions) no longer supports arm6 processors.

It has come to our attention and this also means that if users accidentaly delete or loose AirTrack in version 3.2 or lower from one of these devices (iPod 2ndGen, iPhone 1stGen, iPhone 3G), they will no longer be able to download it from the App store as version 3.3 is now in effect.

So please beware, if you're running AirTrack <=3.2 on one of these devices with older iOSes, make sure that you safely store your AirTrack 3.2.ipa file which can be found on your computer under the Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications folder or equivalent before updating, or that you have valid up-to-date backups of your devices containing AirTrack so that you can restore it.

Apps are bound to user's personal iTunes accounts so we will not be able to give you AirTrack 3.2 later on if you accidentaly loose your copy and you may end-up not being able to run AirTrack on these devices anymore.

The AirTrack Team

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