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AirTrack 3.4 is out!

Posted on December 9, 2012 21:07 by skyfox

And yet another version of AirTrack is out. This update was necessary because it seems that version 3.3 was crashing in selected older devices with less available memory, so we hope that this one fixes the issue, and since we were at it, we've introduced a couple of new things too.

So in version 3.4:

- New range zoom-in zoom-out buttons on the iPad's MFD.
- A new Direct-To function with respective drawing on the MFD.
- A fix for a bug that caused the app to randomly crash on certain devices.
- A fix of the calibration of the PFD/attitude indicator with Device Location Services.
- A fix on runway symbol drawing with specific ILS approaches where the localizer is not co-located with the runway threshold.
- An update for the border contours of Germany.
- Multiple small bugs and issues corrected.

Safe flights and Season Greetings,
The AirTrack Team

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