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AirTrack 3.5 is now out!

Posted on January 11, 2013 21:26 by skyfox

AirTrack 3.5 is now out.

This is a minor update wich amongst a few bug fixes brings:

- Improved NDB frequency handling; although some simulators don't support it, you can now have and display NDB/ADF frequencies such as 308.5kHz or 1130kHz , since they exist as such in the real world.

- A much requested feature, toggling trough flight plan waypoints when in PLN mode. If you want to quickly check if your flight plan has been entered correctly, tap on the mode button (by default set to MAP) to switch to PLN mode. You will now have a new button named STP (stands for STEP) which will toggle the point at the centre of the navigation display through the multiple points in your flight plan. The actual active leg won't be changed by this, it is just a visualization tool to help see the entire flight plan before actually flying it.

And a happy new year!

The AirTrack Team

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