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AirFMC 1.5 and Air Plugin 4.6 out!

Posted on August 4, 2017 19:54 by admin

Version 4.6 of the Air Plugin is out which amongst other things, fixes some compatibility issues with already supported planes and X-Plane 11. More specifically, the plugin should fix the issue with the weird characters appearing on the new IXEG 737 1.2 and some Flight Factor planes in AirFMC.

In addition to this there's a new version of AirFMC (1.5) on the app store which, in conjunction with the 4.6 plugin, also supports the Zibo 737, an alternative to the default X-Plane 737 which unfortunately is not fully functional and cannot be integrated with AirFMC. Please see:

Fun flights and let us know if you find any problems,
The Haversine Team

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