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A new Air Plugin 5.0 is out!

Posted on March 27, 2019 17:03 by admin

And with it a whole new scaling way of integrating support for new planes.

Starting with AirFMC (and later to be extended to other features supported by AirTrack) version 5 allows support for new planes to be added simply by creating a configuration file for them specifying which datarefs and commands to read and write from. Different plane or FMC types are represented by different files with the .hac extension and can inherit behaviour from other planes or types.

For a detailed overview of the possibilities please refer to the distributed aircraft configuration files and in particular to default.hac which describes their format.

Since we can't own or test every possible plane and FMC, we'd naturally love to hear from our users should they succeed in adding support for new planes, and would gladly distribute their configuration in future versions for other pilots to enjoy. Feel free to get in touch!

This new version also fixes a few known issues and introduces support for the Rotate MD80.

Fun and safe flights,
The Haversine Team

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