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How to upload charts to your Air Account

Posted on January 31, 2018 11:18 by haversine

In order to upload charts, you will need an air account and to login at http://haversine.com/login and go to the Charts page

In the charts page you can either upload charts or create folders which may contain other folders or charts.

Step 1) Creating a folder ; say for example “UNITED KINGDOM”

1.1 Press any of the Create New buttons

1.2 On Code enter a unique code, for example UK

1.3 On Name enter a long description, for example "UNITED KINGDOM"

1.4 Press Create Chart or Section

1.5 You now have a folder named UNITED KINGDOM

1.6 Press Select in front of it in order to navigate into it

Step 2) Creating a sub-folder of the UK folder for HEATHROW

2.1 When inside the UK folder above, press Create New

2.2 Enter a code, for example EGLL

2.3 Enter a name, for example LONDON HEATHROW

2.4 Press Create Chart or Section

2.5 You now have folder Heathrow inside folder UK

2.6 Press Select in order to navigate into the Heathrow folder

*** At any time if you click on Select on UP ONE LEVEL you are taken to the folder right above ***

Step 3) Uploading chart to UK / Heathrow

3.1 You are now inside the UK/EGLL folder as above

Lets imagine you want to upload this file which is the BIGGIN Standard Arrival Chart which you have on your desktop in a file named BIGGIN.pdf:

3.2 Press Create New

3.3 As code, enter anything unique, for example, EGLL-BIGGIN-STAR

3.4 As name enter a name, for example: STAR - BIGGIN

3.5 Click on Browse to select/pick the file BIGGIN.pdf from your computer.

3.6 Click on Create Chart or Section

3.7 The chart is now uploaded and present in the UK / EGLL folder.

*** Repeat for other charts as you wish, and create as many folders as you like ***

Step 4) Getting charts on AirTrack or AirEFB

4.1 Go to the User Settings Page

4.2 Enter your username (the one you use to login online)

4.3 Enter your online password

4.4 Press Online (AirTrack only)

4.5 Your iPad needs to be connected to the Internet

4.6 Go to the CHARTS page - the charts you uploaded above should appear there. Click on them to download them

4.7 You can also SYNC them so that they are accessible when you are offline (not connected to the internet)

If you format your iPad or get a new one or have an iPhone, all the same charts that you created above will appear in all your devices, new or old, as long as they are on your cloud Air Account.

That's it,

It is also possible to copy your charts locally to AirTrack or AirEFB using iTunes. In this case you'll need to organise charts locally and will need to repeat the process for each device you have every time you update the charts. See LOCAL CHARTS within the app for this.

Fun flights,
The Haversine Team

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