AirEFB is developed by Haversine but not all work was performed in-house. Some portions of AirEFB are based on work from other entities and people. The following is an acknowledgement and thanks for their work:

  • To make the simulation as realistic as possible, the bundled Airports database is the same that is distributed with X-Plane under Global Airports and which can be freely downloaded from under the terms of the GPL 2.0 license. See the associated COPYING file for the full licensing terms.

    AirEFB parses the file apt.dat in the X-Plane Airport Data 11.00 file format as specified in and compatible with WorldEditor. Users can install their own version of the apt.dat file by it copying to AirEFB using iTunes file sharing.

  • The included US charts are provided free of charge as distributed by the Federal Aviation Administration from the Digital - Terminal Procedures Publication. They are periodically updated and will continue to be so for as long as the FAA continues to publish them.

  • The Weather is periodically downloaded from the US National Weather Service.

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